xAmplifier is a B2B SaaS cloud-based platform that provides
real-time, actionable intelligence on key customer behaviors including satisfaction, conversions,Cancellations, upsell opportunities, indecision drivers, social media usage, and online reviews.

Created: 2012-2017

Languages: ColdFusion + Java

Site: http://www.xamplifier.com/

Active: Yes

xAmplifier is a turn-key software solution that utilizes intelligent intervention to increase Customer Experience, Referrals/Sales Conversions, and Social Media awareness. The software is predicated on knowledge and insights gained from digital and phone surveying of consumers since 2003.

From 2012-2016 I was the sole product manager for xAmplifier 1.0 and 2.0. I concepted the software while working at SignatureForum, and all created functional specifications and visual mock-ups for all of the software's current functionality including over 24 data analysis reports, 15 automated email touchpoints, and the software's user and client management system.

xAmplifier utilizes large data sets to optimize response rates and discern key drivers of satisfaction while simplifying the reporting and communication interface(s) to ensure that the results are understandable abd actionable.

The software is also built in a way so as to dynamically engage a business’s most loyal and satisfied customers, allowing them to easily have their voices heard through reviews and Social Media distribution, thereby Amplifying a company’s "x-factors".

xAmplifier patented "intelligent Intervention" helps clients  partners understand and act upon key customer satisfaction metrics for improvement and expanded success. The ultimate goal is to attain business success that is sustainable and outperforms industry performance standards.