"Delta" Window Installation

Where: Ignition Project Space - 3839 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60651
With:  Kristin Abhalter Smith - "ANTECEDENT”
Duration: Up until April 28th 2018; Glow Hours 8:30-11pm every night.
Special Thanks: To Mia Capodilupo and Krista Sheley for all of their help!


Too often the brain's operation is discussed in binary terms: conscious or unconscious, awake or asleep, on or off. However, medical science has uncovered six dominant brainwave patterns—as measured by electroencephalography (EEG)—which the human brain assumes during different stages of development, stimulation, and consciousness.

Between 0.1 to 4 hertz, Delta brainwaves are the slowest yet deepest frequency of six
dominant brainwaves measured in humans. These patterns first appear in infancy, but remain crucial through adulthood, where they're primarily detected in states of deep, dreamless sleep, bodily healing, and unconscious memory formation. 

Each brain is unique and hews to certain brainwave states at differing frequencies and
durations. Research has shown that individuals deficient in Delta patterns carry higher risks of mental and physical ailments such as narcolepsy, depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD, schizophrenia, and Parkinson's disease. However, those with increased levels of Delta, by nature or self-induction, have reduced levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, typically live longer, and report higher levels of empathy, creativity, spirituality, and inspiration from the dream state.

Western science believed it was impossible to induce Delta brainwaves during conscious awareness until they began studying practitioners of Yoga Nidra or "Sleep Yoga" in the 1970's. During tests conducted by Menninger Foundation, Swami Rami was purportedly able to phase through brain patterns down to Delta at will and claimed the state allowed him to commune with God, sleep only two hours a night, and helped his apprentice learn four languages in a week's time.

Modern mediators, yogis, mystics, and technophiles now harness certain techniques and technologies that can aid in reaching this brainwave pattern in a waking state. One
method is "brain entrainment" which uses bursts of visual or auditory stimulation to help sync the brain with a particular dominant brainwave state.

"Delta" represents a transformation of the Ignition Project Space window gallery into a brain entrainment device designed to lull the viewer into a waking Delta state. The black light  in this space pulses at 0.3 Hz over UV-reactive window artwork—inspired by the artist after Delta-inducing meditation—in hopes that these mysterious brainwaves can indeed spur healing, empathy, and inspiration sorely needed in divisive times such as these. 

Brain Entrainment Resources: 

The following links will take you to audio tracks designed to for delta brain wave entrainment.  Binaural beats require the listener to wear headphones or earbuds for full effect; isochronic tracks should be played through speakers at a low level. Both should be enjoyed in safe, relaxing environment. Do NOT attempt to use any brain entrainment audio before or during driving or operating heavy machinery, as you may become drowsy or experience a meditative disassociation with your body. 

Delta 0.9 Hz Binuaral Meditation - 60 Mins

Isochronic Delta Meditation (No Headphones Required) - 6 Hours

Deep Delta (Epsilon) 0.33 Hz Binuaral Meditation - 60 Mins

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