Content strategy Mapping

When I am asked to create a content strategy plan or re-design a website, I usually start with a visual representation of the current content channels to diagnose areas for improvement.

Once we establish some agreement over the role of all site content, I create a style guide that explains and enforces these decisions, providing positive examples of existing content to help staff writers identify and modify their style. 

CopyWriting Samples

Copywriting samplesmany under site-specific aliasesorganized by subject/industry. 

Many of my current technical writing (specifications, tutorials, API documentation) are unshareable due to NDA's. 

For copywriting projects, email



RUNE NYC LEGGINGS 2016 - Live B2C Landing Page for Facebook Ads Targeting 25 to 50 y/o City Dwelling Mothers - Original Copy & Design



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The Top 5 Weight Loss Trends of the '60s (for Betty Draper) - 

The Top 5 Vitamin & Herbal Energy Boosters - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson"

'Smartphone Face': Is Your iPhone Giving You Wrinkles? - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson"

How Vitamin D Effects Skin Pigmentation - - Under Alias "Richard Dean"

Made Up: The Truth About Make-Up Products & Marketing Buzz Words - - Under Alias "Clem Mestre"

Can Beards Protect the Face from Sun Damage? - - Under "Alias Dean Anderson" 

The Buzz About Bee Venom: A New Anti-Aging Solution? - -  Under Alias "Clem Mestre"

The Myth of Base Tanning - - Under Alias "Clem Mestre" 

5 Tips to Prevent Post-Workout Breakouts - - Under Alias "Clem Mestre" 

Holy Cowell! New Biography Reveals Simon Cowell’s Age-Defying Secrets - - Under Alias "Clem Mestre" 

5 Fashionable Ways to Avoid Sunburns This Summer - - Under Alias "Clem Mestre"

5 Tips for Wintertime Sun Protection - - Under Alias "Clem Mestre"

5 Skin-Boosting Uses for Pumpkin - - Under Alias "Clem Mestre"

Tyra Banks Says Plastic Surgery is 'Absolutely Fantastic' - - Under Alias "Clem Mestre"

10 Best Skincare Products Under $10 - - Under Alias "Clem Mestre"

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Chicago Bans Minors from Tanning Booths - HealthySkinPortal - Under Alias "Richard Dean"

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'Tanorexia': The Dark Truth About Tanning Addiction - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson"

‘Space Juice’ AS10 May Prevent Wrinkles, Sunspots in Terrestrial Users - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson"

Hair Removal

Razors for $1? How the Dollar Shave Club is Changing Shaving -

5 Eco-Friendly Hair Removal Methods -

5 Cultures, 5 Unique Hair Removal Customs - 

Morgan Spurlock’s 'Mansome' Explores the World of Male Grooming - - Under "Alias Dean Anderson"

The Better Investment: Laser Hair Removal vs Shaving vs Waxing - - Original Copy & Chart Graphic

Are Some Hair Removal Waxes Better Than Others? -

5 Tips for Pain-Free Waxing -

Hair loss

8 Medications That Cause Hair Loss - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson" 

Female Hair Loss Causes - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson"

Medical & Non-Medical Approaches to Menopause-Related Hair Loss - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson"

The Hair Loss Checklist: A Step By Step Guide to Fighting Baldness - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson"

Olympic Cyclist Joanna Rowsell Spins Hair Loss Into Gold - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson" 

Possible Psychological Causes of Hair Loss - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson" 

 NFL Star Wes Welker Gets Hair Transplant Surgery - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson"

Justin Bieber Offers Hair Advice to Prince William - - Under Alias "Clem Mestre"

Is Lindsay Lohan Balding? - - Under Alias "Clem Mestre"

An Intro to Pregnancy Related Hair Loss - HairLossSpecialists - Under Alias "Clem Mestre" 


5 Medical Discoveries That Changed Surgery Forever - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson" 

The 8 Most Bizarre Body Modification Surgeries - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson"

The Complete History of Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Rumors - - Original Copy & Graphic - Under Alias "Clem Mestre" 

Cosmetic Surgery Provides Relief for the ‘Toe-bese’ - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson"

Glowing Liquids Shed New Light on Plastic Surgery Procedures - - Under Alias "Richard Dean"

Plastic Surgery Leftovers: What Happens When the Procedure is Over? - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson"

The Hidden Risks of Medical Tourism - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson" 

Latest Development in Cosmetic Imaging: The VECTRA M3 3-D System - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson" 

A Guide to Chin Augmentation: Costs, Risks, & Recovery - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson"

The Safety of Combining a Hysterectomy and Tummy Tuck - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson"

Which 5 Countries Choose Plastic Surgery the Most? - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson"

Why Vegans Make Great Plastic Surgery Patients - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson"

Study Estimates How Many Years Younger Facial Surgery Can Make You Look - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson" 

A Brief History of Rhinoplasty - - Under Alias "Richard Dean"

TV's 'Magic City' has Trouble Casting Natural Bosoms - - Under Alias "Clem Mestre"

 'Human Barbie' Sarah Burge Gives Daughter Plastic Surgery Vouchers - - Under Alias "Clem Mestre"

Flash Recovery Breast Implants: A New You in No Time? - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson"

Breast Augmentation Patients Enjoying More Fulfilling and Frequent Intimate Encounters - - Under Alias "Clem Mestre"  


Henry “The Fonz” Winkler Supports Medical Botox for Stroke Victims - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson"

 Cooler than Botox: ‘Frotox’ Nerve Hibernation - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson"

20 Year Olds Getting ‘Preventative’ Botox - - Under Alias "Richard Dean"

Can a Nutritional Supplement Extend the Life of Botox? - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson"

5 Ways to Prevent Botox Bruising - - Under Alias "Clem Mestre"

The 'Facelift Bungee': A $25 Botox Alternative? - - Under Alias "Clem Mestre"

Did Gwen Stefani Get Lip Injections? -  - Under Alias "Clem Mestre"

Botox for Migraine Headaches -

Botox for Bunny Lines -

Botox for Asthma -

Preparing for a Botox Treatment -

Choosing a Botox Doctor -

At-Home Botox: Details on DIY Injectables -

Can I Experience Botox Resistance? -

 Botox for Enlarged Prostates -

Home improvement & Contracting

5 Future Trends in Dishwashing - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson" 

Dream Decks: New Survey Reveals Home Owners' Ultimate Deck Ideas - - Under Alias "Dean Anderson" 

The Future of Flooring -


"The Cloud of Unknowing" Album Review - James Blackshaw - Tompkin Records 

"Six Reasons to Change Your Mind About Crop Circles" - [Esoteric / Unexplained]