Review Widget & API

Paste & Play Review widget Iframe System developed for xamplifier clients wishing to display verified xamplifier reviews and serp stars on their site

Created: 2014-2016

Languages:  Javascript + Webservices API


Active: Yes

I designed and oversaw the development of xAmplifier's review widgets and API system starting in 2014. 

The goal was to create a paste & play review iframe widget for xAmplifier clients wishing to display verified xamplifier reviews on their site for customer education and SERP stars.  

The widgets allowed for client control over the reviews displayed by score, date, region, product/service, and location.  Clients could also modify the size and appearance of border, fonts, number of reviews, links, logos, and more with minor modifications described in included documentation and video webinars. 

In parallel, I developed an internal system for xAmplifier to edit, flag, and classify approved reviews on an ongoing basis. 

Clients who used the widgets consistently reported higher click through on search engine results/ads as well as increased consultation bookings and customer-reported reputation ratings.