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“I'm looking to leverage my experience in SaaS product management, client solutions, copywriting, and data analysis to turn abstract ‘big picture’ ideas into concrete plans for development, deployment, and distribution of quality products and actionable insights."


Beloit College - Majors: Creative Writing, Rhetoric & Discourse, Studio Art

BFA, May 2010 - Summa Cum Laude with English Honors              



xAmplifier—SignatureForum’s sister company—is a B2B SaaS cloud-based platform that provides real-time, actionable intelligence on key customer behaviors including satisfaction, conversions, cancellations, upsell opportunities, indecision drivers, social media usage, and online reviews.

Software & Client Management Consultant - Sept. 2016 to Present
- Assist Product Manager and Client Solutions team with transition to new platform, client launches, product specifications, internal and external training on legacy software, debugging, development of a market segmentation system, and best data management practices from 3+ years as sole xAmplifier Product manager.

Product Manager - Oct 2014 to Sept. 2016
- Directed software development team (Waterfall/Agile) for all xAmplifier (SaaS) reports and releases from version 2.0 to 2.63
- Collected business requirements and coordinated successful product launches and training for over 20 clients including Zurich Insurance Group, Bosley, Hair Club, US Assure, Vein Clinics of America, Theradome, Center for Vein Restoration, and others.
- Generated over 200 pages of functional specifications for all xAmplifier dashboard, reports (30+), user managements and client management systems.
- Led ongoing data analysis for client presentations, white papers, creation of business intelligence algorithms, and market segmentation / persona system development.
- Designed, weighted, and wrote over 60 custom survey instruments to measure customer satisfaction, retention, conversion, and employee performance metrics for medical, insurance, hair, and veterinary industries.
- Served as Senior Client Solutions Manager to C-Level clients during software onboarding, launches, insight analyses, and quarterly meetings.
- Created suite of Net Promoter Score® measurement and interpretation reports


SignatureForum is a marketing firm which provides lead management, web development, consulting, and reputation services for elective medical businesses through a network of consumer-advocacy sites.

Product Manager - Jan. 2013 to Oct. 2014

- Led site redesigns, UX, debugging, and revamped social media strategy for assigned sites.
- Generated functional specifications and led web development of new site features, data mapping, widgets, and API’s. 
- Managed copywriters and interns and functioned as lead editor for network of lead gen
websites centered around the elective-medical industry.
- Lead survey writer; wrote over 30 customer experience and industry research surveys for clients such as Bosley, Hair Club, American Laser Skin Centers, Marina Del Rey Hospital, etc.

Copywriter / Content Creator - Apr. 2012-Dec. 2012

- Wrote functional specifications and created visual mock-ups for new websites and cloud software.
- Wrote, edited, and SEO-optimized over 200 web articles for various websites on themes of: plastic surgery, hair restoration, dermal treatments, home contracting, elective medical treatments. and dentistry.
- Created press releases for site launches, client acquisitions, and software releases. 
- Coordinated social media content for three websites on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.


Artisan-made topographical maps of countries, states, lakes, parks, constellations, and more.

Owner - Oct. 2014 to Present
- Creation, online marketing, and distribution of over 100 replicable handmade 3D maps
depicting natural wonders from the land, sea, and sky
- In-house photographing and re-touching of all products for online retail and catalogs
- Interpretation of satellite data to design and simplify landforms using ArcGIS & AI
- Appearance in dozens of art fairs and galleries in the Chicagoland area


Waterfall / Agile Dev   Functional Specifications   Product Management

Technical Writing         Data Analysis                     Excel & MS Suite

Market Segmentation  SEO Strategy                     Client Onboarding

Content Strategy         Adobe AI, PS, ID                SaaS Dev. & Deployment

JAD Sessions               Bug Testing                        User Stories